links for 2008-01-25

  • pemora

    feb club for brown folks…i love it. damn, i should’ve hosted a feb club in the bronx.

  • Jonesy

    Aneaters, password protected Blogs do not exactly embody the spirit of Web 2.0.

  • jayare20k

    especially when the password you received doesn’t work.

  • pemora

    wait a minute. i didn’t get a password. what the….?

  • Peter

    Isnt a blog, sort of…definitionally… a public thing? And if you want private communication, cant you just send an email and not tease the rest of us? This seems weird and kind of “are you in with the cool kids or not-y.”

  • ANP

    Let me be clear: according to Facebook “who is cooler”, I rank dead last. So let’s not kid ourselves. This is A/V Club action up in this bidness.