Not feeling it

Not feeling the whole trapeze tunic / dress thing.  Not sure, exactly, whose body type it would flatter.

Perhaps I am missing something?


  1. If it doesn’t look good on you, I”m stumped. I sure know it looks like hell on me.This fad will fade quickly. Don’t invest.

    on 2007.04.05 @ 21:37 from nycbabylon
  2. I agree! I really wish I could pull it off, as I’ve gained a lot of weight recently. Unfortunately, no.

    HOWEVER, where the hell were all these tunic and babydoll dresses when I was pregnant? I could have used them! Back then I couldn’t even find shirts long enough to cover my basketball belly. Sheesh. I could have just shopped in the juniors department and been set.

  3. jr’s dept, here i come. if i get them in black, will i still be able to bust them out when i finally come to terms in 2010 with the inevitable truth that it’ll just be so much less a pain in the ass with danish sperm and a turkey-baster?

    thanks for making me type ‘puerile’. i had to hit reload ’cause i really just couldn’t deal with ‘lurf’

  4. Jesus, Bomee, Danish sperm? How tall do you want your future progeny to be?!? They don’t make doorframes ten feet tall, ya know.

  5. they can duck. like my pappy, his pappy, and his pappy’s pappy surely had to back in the old country (aka shortylandia)


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